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January Contest Winner: Three Moons Dance

Each month we hold a writing contest for our members, by our members. Writers are given parameters, such as a word count and/or a prompt. Entries are judged and discussed blindly. For January, writers were asked to write their own take on a creation myth with a maximum of 3,000 words.

Three Moons Dance

by Gabrielle Gold

Three moons dance in the night

To the melody played by the sun in the sky,

We know each has a light

That is shared with the others as seasons pass by,

Three moons part and unite

Even as they divide all their children below,

Three moons seem out of sight

In the day, but are with us, though most never know.

Long, long ago, the sun lived alone,

One bright existence in darkness untold,

Loneliness shattered its light in the cold

And from one there were four made anew.

They formed our world of earth, sea and stone,

Seeking the closeness they’d known as a whole,

Crafting the mortals, each body and soul,

But they could not agree what to do.

One was a giver, and one took away,

One was a guardian, one ran astray,

And though many think a sole victor holds sway,

There would be no sun if this were true.

Some say the sky is ruled by a King,

Some say a Mother directs us with pride,

Some say the Earthwalker’s footsteps will guide,

And some truth hides in all of this lore.

We know the three reign over all things,

Three ivory moons glide from dark until dawn,

One dwarfs the others, and many went on

To conclude that one moon is worth more.

Two hail the King, as his consort and slave,

Two love the Mother and all that she gave,

Two are remote while the Earthwalker saves,

So three faiths are forever at war.

Long, long ago, three joined against one,

One who would capture the others in thrall,

One who would reign on his own over all

Who was forced to submit to their rule.

Long did it seem that his tale was done,

Sovereign of no one but those who had died,

But the red moon had the years on his side,

Years when mortals were madmen and fools.

Three factions vied for the truth as their prize,

Three moons disputed how best to mend ties,

Deep amidst chaos, the fourth moon would rise

And take servants both faithful and cruel.

Three moons sing to our hearts

And implore us to salvage this world they still claim,

One moon tears souls apart

Through the ones changed by magic who fight in his name,

Three moons part and unite

Even as they divide all their children below,

Three join hands in day’s light,

For the sun is their union, just as long ago.

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