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May Events

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Join us for one, or all of our events in May, and watch for pop-up, virtual write-ins throughout the month:

  • Evening Write-In. Thursdays in May, 7:30-9pm

  • Early Bird Write-In. Tuesdays in May, 6-7:30am

  • Chiastic Story Structure. Sunday, May 2, 3:00pm

  • In-Depth Group Critique. (Submissions now closed) Saturday, May 8, 1-4pm

  • Writing Short Short Stories. Monday, May 1o, 7-8pm

  • In-Person Write-In and Chat. Saturday, May 15, 1-4pm

  • Story Hospital. Sunday, May 16, 1-3pm

  • Weekend Writers Retreat Planning. Sunday, May 16, 7:30pm

  • Novel Revision. Saturday, May 22, 1-3pm

  • May Writing Contest. (Submit by May 25, 7pm) Thursday, May 27, 7-8:00pm

Our first anthology, Broken Promises, published through Spark Street Media, is now out! It is available for purchase on Amazon.

We're also preparing our second anthology, Desiderium, slated for publication by summer 2021. Check back for updates!

Happy writing!

*All times Eastern Standard Time*

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