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June Writing Contest

Each month we hold a writing contest for our members, by our members. Writers are given parameters, such as a word count and/or a prompt. Entries are judged and discussed blindly. For June, writers had to compose a 250-word story featuring an imaginary friend.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Search for the Light

by Michael Del Casino

The castle loomed over the city like a brooding sentinel. Raine stood on the battlements, his breath visible in the crisp evening air. The Balance had been slowly shifting for years, he knew. He sensed the universe tottering over the precipice, ready to tumble into despair . 

"Raginhari," came a whisper, a voice like silk sliding over glass. Raine turned to see a long forgotten figure materialize beside him. Sophia stood tall and ethereal, her eyes an infinite well of truth and sorrow. 

"Sophia?" he gasped, love and trepidation flooding his heart. An old man now, Raine had not seen Sophia since he was a boy. "Why are you here?" 

"The darkness grows stronger," she replied. "You must find The Light, or it will devour us all." 

Sophia’s form shimmered, more real than the stone beneath Raine’s feet. He now knew the truth, even if he feared to admit it: Sophia was not a figment of his imagination, as he had once believed. She was a goddess, a guardian born of the universe's darkest fears and desperate hopes. 

Together, they descended into the bowels of the castle, where Raine knew The Door waited, unused for a hundred lifetimes. Sophia’s presence steadied him, her strength flowing into his own. 

As they approached the door, Raine knew that he may never return, but for the first time in many years, he felt a glimmer of hope. He turned to say goodbye, but only darkness remained. 

Turning the handle, he stepped into the abyss.

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