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Announcing Our Latest Anthology!

The Dublin Creative Writers Cooperative congratulates the authors featured in our fourth collection, Untold Stories: An Anthology-A. Howitt, Anne Johnston, Chris Vannes, Cliff McNish, Daryn Wilde, e rathke, Franco Amati, Gabrielle Gold, James Hancock, Jean-Louis Trudel, J. H. Schiller, Kristen Whitney, Liam Hogan, Lorina Stephens, Marilia Bonelli, Martin Vian, Michael Whitfield, Rebecca Grubb, Sarah McHatton, & Thomas Brown.

Untold Stories is a collection of short stories & flash fiction spanning a range of genres and styles. These works depict new perspectives on the myths and history we’ve grown up with as well as the hidden stories we keep to ourselves. Buy a copy today and be immersed in a new world with every story!

We invite you to support our group, our authors, and our publisher (Spark Street Media) by picking up a copy of Untold Stories, which is available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback. Please be sure to leave a review!

On behalf of all featured authors, we offer our sincerest gratitude to Jeanne Ogden, our publisher, and to Brian Nutwell and Anne Johnston, of the Editorial Board. Thank you all so much for the time and care you gave to creating a collection we can all be proud of!

Stay tuned for news regarding our next planned project. In the meantime, if you haven't yet read our first two collections, check out Broken Promises: An Anthology and Desiderium: An Anthology.

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